Perpetua designs and builds custom energy harvesting solutions to meet a range of power requirements.  In addition to customizing Power Pucks, we have several other product platforms that can be leveraged to quickly and cost-effectively create solutions for new applications, including:

Power Tiles

Power Tiles are designed to power 4-20 mA wired industrial transmitters from temperature differences.  Power Tiles are easily extendable in terms of install configurations, power characteristics, special functions, and user interface. Power Tiles can also be used in multiples for additional power. Products that can be powered with Power Tiles include HART, Foundation Fieldbus devices, and others.

mPower Tiles

mPower Tiles are higher power versions of the Power Tiles that retain many of the same characteristics and are extendable.  The power outputs line up with the requirements of gateways, RTUs, and other demanding wireless applications.

To discuss your application and learn how Perpetua can help you with a power solution, please:

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