Steam Monitoring at Major Chemical Company Relies on Power Pucks

The latest issue of Chemical Processing describes how Power Puck energy harvesters enable steam monitoring at Ashland Chemical using the Rosemount 3051 DP transmitter. This transmitter was identified as the best choice for the application, but the anticipated frequent battery maintenance caused the team to search for a longer life power solution for the transmitter, […]

Perpetua Participates in ISA 100 Wireless End-User Conference

Perpetua Power Source Technologies, recently participated in an ISA 100 Wireless End User Conference in Houston, Texas hosted by the ISA Wireless Compliance Institute (WCI).  WCI personnel provided an overview of the benefits of WCI as well as an ISA100 technology backgrounder.  Key ISA1000 suppliers including CDS, GasSecure/Draeger, Honeywell, Nexcom/Centero and Yokogawa discussed customer applications […]