Continuous, Reliable Power for All Industries

The applications for Power Pucks are as  numerous and diverse as industrial wireless sensors themselves.  In fact, by enabling the wireless devices to provide wired-sensor performance without incurring a battery maintenance penalty, they expand the applications and environments where wireless transmitters are the best choice.

With Power Pucks, customers can achieve the significant installation cost and time savings of wired transmitters, without incurring battery maintenance issues.


Avoids costly new wiring to increase number of measurement points, with the ability to configure high update rates for wireless transmitters


Uses broad availability of process heat and eliminates need for wired instrumentation without incurring battery maintenance

Upstream Oil & Gas

Enables high update rate wireless installations and lower maintenance costs in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), well head, and control applications

Power Plants

Expands condition based monitoring for key equipment without adding infrastructure expense or limiting transmitter capabilities


Eliminates the expense and safety risk to personnel when replacing batteries in dangerous and inaccessible areas

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