Power Pucks are Intrinsically Safe thermoelectric energy harvesters for use with Honeywell’s One Wireless series industrial transmitters.  Using commonly available “warm to the touch” heat surfaces, Power Pucks will typically fully power the transmitters at the maximum update rate for the life of the transmitter.  With this capability, update rates can be favorably increased and battery replacements eliminated.

Power for the life of the transmitter

Power Pucks offer a self-sustaining system that eliminates or greatly reduces the need to replace batteries without sacrificing battery life. This chart shows how much additional battery life you get with varying temperature differences for Honeywell transmitters. For example, at 25 degrees Celsius temperature difference (45 degrees Fahrenheit) or more, energy harvesting provides power for the life of the transmitter at a 1-second update rate.

Quick Installations

Installations are as simple as placing Power Pucks on a warm surface. Honeywell OneWireless transmitters connect to Power Pucks using the Honeywell IPM (Intelligent Power Module) and installing the Honeywell IPM is identical to installing the battery pack. The same batteries in the power module provide back-up power to the Power Pucks for any time the temperature difference falls below the threshold for energy harvesting.

Mounts to warm-to-hot pipes or industrial equipment

Place Power Pucks on any warm surface near the transmitter (within 300 feet or 100 meters). Adapters are available for pipe sizes starting at 1-inch diameter, and can accommodate mounting to surfaces up to and over 800 degrees F. Operating industrial equipment also typically produces ample temperature differences between the surface and the ambient air to fully power transmitters.