Perpetua Power Puck Energy Harvesters Achieve Intrinsically Safe Certifications

CORVALLIS, OR –– Perpetua Power Pucks® have long provided continuous energy harvesting power for wireless sensors operating in non-hazardous industrial locations. As a result of passing rigorous electrical and mechanical tests, Power Pucks are now certified ‘Intrinsically Safe’ and expand the range of applications that rely on thermoelectric energy harvesting.

The introduction of Intrinsically Safe products is driven by a growing use of wireless sensors throughout industrial applications that monitor critical processes or equipment health where the highest environmental safety standards are required. These applications include oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, food and beverage, energy, power generation, and others. Perpetua’s new certifications cover Classes I, II, III, and include protection from dust and water immersion, with an Ingress Protection rating of IP67.

“With Intrinsically Safe, we can expand into new applications previously not accessible without the certifications. The demanding evaluation and approval process is also a strong endorsement for the company’s quality and manufacturing systems,” said Jon Hofmeister, Perpetua Power’s President. “We look forward to providing the same benefits Power Pucks have given our customers and extending into new locations that require the rigorous safety benefits assured with Intrinsically Safe.”

Prior to the availability of wireless sensors, monitoring applications relied on equipment that required hard-wired connections or solar equipment, resulting in costly installations that could take weeks or even months to complete. While installation expenses and time to install are greatly reduced with wireless sensors, the batteries that power the wireless sensors cause users to trade the benefits of wireless for battery maintenance issues, including storage and handling. Perpetua Power eliminates the trade-offs with environmentally friendly Power Pucks that rely on temperature differences to generate long-life, continuous, renewable energy for wireless sensors. A key benefit for customers is that near real-time data can be captured with rates as fast as every second, resulting in increased input for analysis and modeling, important to efficiently managing processes like enhanced oil recovery.

The new Intrinsically Safe products are available now to meet the power requirements for industrial wireless sensors in hazardous locations. The Intrinsically Safe label assures customers that Power Puck energy harvestors will not exceed ignition levels critical in facilities like refineries and agriculture processing where continuous ignitable concentrations of liquids, vapors or dust exist.

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