Bakersfield Oil and Gas Expo

Perpetua participated in the Emerson Oil & Gas Expo “Bridging the Gap” event held in Bakersfield, California on May 7th. This conference focused on highlighting how Emerson technologies and those of key partners, like Perpetua, can help upstream oil producers to be more efficient and cost effective.  Despite the challenges presented by the current price environment, improvements in efficiency and maintenance cost reduction are beneficial in any price environment. With a multi-year history of powering Emerson wireless transmitters in upstream applications, Perpetua was asked to present the benefits associated with using energy harvesting to power Emerson transmitters in the San Joaquin Valley.

About Perpetua
Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc. exists so that customers can achieve the benefits of long-life power.  Using energy harvesting technologies, Perpetua products function like renewable batteries that last as long as the products they power.  Customers are able to avoid battery replacements and line power wiring costs, increase usage rates, and expand into a wider range of environments and applications. Perpetua’s plug-and-play Power Pucks® power the world’s leading wireless sensors and are available for purchase from Perpetua, as well as directly from Emerson and GE.  Applications range from powering pressure, temperature, vibration, and other sensors within industries spanning metallurgy, chemical processing, power plants, oil and gas, and many others. Perpetua is continually innovating and thrives on bringing the benefits of long-life power to the market.  For additional information, please visit

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