Grace Technologies acquires Perpetua Power June 2023

Grace Technologies, a prominent industrial IoT solutions provider, is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Perpetua Power Source Technologies, a distinguished leader in thermal energy harvesting solutions. This strategic move aims to amplify the distribution of Perpetua’s cutting-edge thermal energy harvesting technology through Grace’s extensive distribution channel. By integrating Perpetua’s exceptional expertise and innovative products, Grace Technologies is poised to elevate their IIoT offerings and empower customers to fully harness the advantages of perpetual, life-long battery free power.

Perpetua Power Source Technologies specializes in energy harvesting technologies that function like renewable batteries, providing continuous power to the devices they support. By harnessing the ambient thermal energy in the environment, Perpetua’s solutions eliminate the need for battery replacements and line power wiring costs. This not only increases usage rates but also expands the range of environments and applications where reliable power is required. Perpetua’s plug-and-play Power Pucks® are trusted by industry leaders such as Emerson and GE, powering wireless sensors in diverse sectors including metallurgy, chemical processing, power plants, oil and gas, and more.

With this acquisition, Grace Technologies aims to address the challenges posed by battery-powered operation in demanding industrial environments. By leveraging Perpetua’s energy harvesting expertise, Grace Technologies can enable their IIoT solutions to operate in applications that were previously unfriendly to battery power, such as cold environments or scenarios requiring frequent updates from wireless sensors. This strategic move positions Grace as a leader in minimizing IIoT device operating costs and paves the way for enhanced reliability and efficiency.

One of the key advantages of incorporating Perpetua’s technology into Grace’s IIoT solutions is the significant reduction in maintenance concerns associated with battery life. Grace’s customers will no longer need to worry about battery replacements and can save on battery and replacement labor expenses. The extended lifespan of the thermal energy harvesting solutions enables uninterrupted operation and greater cost-effectiveness in numerous applications.

“Grace’s acquisition of Perpetua expands the world of possibilities for the industrial internet of things. No longer are painful battery changes required for connectivity. This patented, proven technology will dramatically impact our customers by continuing to make maintenance safer, smarter, and more productive,” said Drew Allen, President and CEO of Grace Technologies.

The acquisition of Perpetua Power Source Technologies was made official on June 1, 2023. As part of the agreement, Perpetua will now be known as “Perpetua by Grace Technologies”, preserving the brand’s identity, and ensuring a seamless transition for existing customers. This integration allows Grace Technologies to leverage Perpetua’s expertise in energy harvesting solutions and provide ongoing support to customers.

With this acquisition, Grace Technologies reinforces its commitment to providing cutting-edge IIoT solutions that empower businesses with reliable, long-life power in the most demanding industrial environments. The integration of Perpetua’s energy harvesting technology positions Grace as an industry leader and strengthens their ability to address the evolving needs of customers across diverse sectors.

About Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc.
Perpetua Power Source Technologies helps customers achieve the benefits of long-life power through their innovative energy harvesting technologies. By leveraging ambient thermal energy, Perpetua’s products function like renewable batteries, offering a reliable and continuous power source for various applications. With a focus on eliminating battery replacements, reducing costs, and expanding usage rates, Perpetua empowers businesses to enhance their operational efficiency in a wide range of industries. Perpetua continues to drive innovation and contribute to the advancement of long-life power solutions.

About Grace Technologies, Inc.
Grace Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative electrical safety products and predictive maintenance solutions, making maintenance safer, smarter, and more productive. With a global distribution network and a sales presence in over 60 countries, our intuitive electrical safety and predictive maintenance solutions contribute to a safer, more efficient, and brighter future by optimizing maintenance practices, reducing downtime, and enhancing operational efficiency.

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