Perpetua Announces The Release Of Its Next Generation Plug-and-Play Energy Harvesting Device for Wireless Sensor Networks

CORVALLIS, OR –– Perpetua Power Source Technology (Perpetua), a leading manufacturer of energy harvesting devices, announces the release of its next generation thermoelectric generator-based Power Puck® modules. The heat-to-air energy harvesting devices incorporate a significant performance improvement over its prior generation, offering a renewable energy solution for virtually every low-power wireless sensor system available on the market today.

Power Puck devices incorporate energy harvesting, energy storage, and power management electronics designed to deliver constant, regulated voltage to power a wide variety of transceivers and sensors. The Power Puck module produces continuous electrical energy, harvesting waste heat. These self-sustaining energy sources are engineered to supply power for the life of wireless sensor nodes.

“As wireless sensor systems enjoy broader deployments, Perpetua continues to incorporate industry feedback to offer energy harvesting solutions that are most meaningful to our customers,” said Jon Hofmeister, Perpetua’s President. “Easy to install, maintenance-free, fully-packaged, more power and a quick return on investment are a few of the customer feedback items that have been incorporated into this exciting new product release.”

The ultra long-life, self-charging systems can lead to significant cost savings by saving multiple battery replacements over the life of wireless sensor systems as well as providing an environmentally friendly alternative to disposing of multiple sets of batteries.

Power Puck modules are available from Perpetua and its distributors.

About Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc.: Perpetua ( is dedicated to offering high quality, cost-effective, and easy-to-use power source products that last as long as the electronics they power. By extending the life of batteries and in some cases replacing batteries altogether, Perpetua’s products enable our customers to develop, deploy, and benefit from next-generation wireless sensor applications.

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