Perpetua Power Source Technologies Secured Additional Funding

CORVALLIS, OR—Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc. (Perpetua), a leading developer of renewable energy solutions for the wireless sensor network (WSN) industry, today announced that it has raised a follow-on round of financing. Perpetua plans to use the funds for managing growth.

“With more than one hundred million WSN nodes projected to be deployed over the next five years, the search for a renewable power source is escalating,” said Jon Hofmeister, President of Perpetua. “Perpetua has invested wisely thus far and established a very strong platform technology. We appreciate the ongoing support of our existing and new investors, and feel fortunate to be serving an expanding industry with beneficial renewable solutions.”

Building on over a decade of applied research and development, and world-renowned thermoelectric expertise, Perpetua has developed a proprietary Flexible Thermoelectric Film™ technology that harvests energy from small temperature differences. Protected by a broad U.S. and international patent portfolio, this new technology is lighter and produces higher voltages than traditional thermoelectric generators. Energy can be easily harvested from industrial equipment, such as pipes, motors, fuel tanks, etc., to power wireless sensors that monitor conditions such as temperature, pressure, vibration, gas detection, light, and more.

Bill Newman, Managing Director at Northwest Technology Ventures commented, “As part of our investment validation process, we did extensive research to learn that Perpetua’s renewable battery solution is compelling to a wide variety of users of wireless sensor networks. It addresses the battery replacement issue with a longer life solution, and accomplishes it using a renewable resource. In addition, Perpetua will have a positive impact on lowering the amount of batteries ending up in landfills in the years to come.”

Perpetua began shipping demonstration kits earlier this year and will begin shipping modules for wireless sensor use this spring.

About Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc.
Perpetua is dedicated to offering high quality, cost-effective, and easy-to-use power source products that last as long as the electronics they power. By extending the life of batteries and in some cases replacing batteries altogether, Perpetua’s products enable wireless sensor users to collect more data over time and offer more opportunities to operate autonomously in diverse environments.

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