Perpetua Power Source Technologies Wins “Outstanding Commercialization Success” Award at FLC Far West Conference

CORVALLIS, OR—Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc. (Perpetua), a manufacturer of renewable energy solutions for wireless sensors, today announced, that together with The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, it was named winner of the “Outstanding Commercialization Success” award at the FLC (Federal Laboratory Consortium) Far West / Mid-Continent Conference being held in Denver, Colorado.

The award was presented to Perpetua for its innovative Perpetua Power Puck™ – a renewable energy source for powering wireless sensors.

Perpetua Power Pucks convert small differences in temperature into electrical energy. They are built upon 10+ years of design advancements in thermoelectric generator (TEG) technology and produce reliable energy from lower temperature differences and higher voltages than traditional TEGs, eliminating the need for boost electronics and leading to greater efficiencies. The units are designed to save multiple battery replacement cycles for wireless sensors, leading to significant cost savings. In addition, as a renewable energy source, Perpetua Power Pucks decrease the number of batteries ending up in landfills.

Criteria for the award was based on a technology transfer success that has resulted in the commercialization of a national laboratory technology, helped to create jobs, and stimulate the economy.

“This is a nice recognition of Perpetua’s innovative efforts to provide renewable energy solutions for the wireless sensor industry,” said R. Jon Hofmeister, President of Perpetua. “We have made vast advances with our renewable low-power technology and look forward to further contributing to our partners’ success, helping fuel our economy, and making good choices for the environment.”

About Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc.
Perpetua is dedicated to offering high quality, cost-effective, and easy-to-use power source products that last as long as the electronics they power. By extending the life of batteries and in some cases replacing batteries altogether, Perpetua’s products enable wireless sensor users to collect more data over time and offer more opportunities to operate autonomously in diverse environments.

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